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“You come, you meet people, you form relationships. You help build your business. This is the place to be if you want to learn about Amazon…”

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I usually take any opportunity I can to share my thoughts about Amazon Consulting Experts without hesitation! The sincere dedication from Sam Cohen and his team has been amazing. My story is not one of how big numbers have grown but more so of the value and understanding about an Amazon business the ACE program has provided.

This is my first year of taking the leap of faith and actually selling anything on Amazon. I began this journey via another program so did not have any idea if it was beneficial or not. I came to know about ACE through the Anthony Robbins community and I will never forget meeting Paul (I hope its ok to mention him here) and discussing how frustrated I was at that point. He had nothing but great things to say about ACE so I gave it a shot.

Fast forward, I joined ACE in May 2017, at the time I had only sold a few hundred dollars of inventory and in the following three months because of what I learned with ACE I saw an increase of over 125% in sales. I’m still a small fish in this game but to see that growth was the best indicator that this WORKS!

I’ve attended every IN-HOUSE training ACE has held since I’ve joined and to be in that room with other members who openly share their experience, learning from the questions asked, having Melissa, Ikey and Sam lead the discussions and give their full attention to any concerns has been priceless.

OMG wait, I almost forgot to mention the awesome experience of shopping with Uncle Jackie. He changed the game of Retail Arbitrage for me.

Hands down, Sam’s program is the best for so many reasons. Much success to you all.

Annette Ramrattan

I started selling on Amazon in June of 2016. My goal was just to make some extra cash to help me get ahead, but my 1st Q4 showed me the real potential of this business. What I didn’t realize, but learned the hard way, was that I was doing a lot of things wrong. After several IP Claims, an authentic claim and several other customer complaints, I was on the verge of being suspended. I Knew that I wanted to make this my career, but I really didn’t know how to do it the right way. Then a buddy of mine informed me of the Ace conference in April. He had been friends with Sam on Facebook for a while and told me this was something that I definitely did not want to miss. After meeting Sam and his team and sitting through the Ace conference, I knew that this was the help that I needed. So I hit the reset button and joined ACE a few days after the conference.

Everything changed from day 1. I had the answer to all of my questions, a solution to the problems I was experiencing, and they opened my eyes to a whole new way of doing business.. business the right way! I learned about many different tools and software that made sourcing a lot easier and much more efficient. The ACE team guided me through setting up my LLC and put me on the right track for success. They helped me clean up my metrics by properly addressing the issues I was encountering. They also help me with countless category and brand approvals which opened up a whole new world of options, and the success that I have experienced since then can all be attributed to aforementioned ACE assistance.

My sales numbers have grown exponentially, month after month since joining ACE. I have gone from doing $9,200 in April to $52,000 in September. Numbers that I knew were possible, but never dreamed to be obtainable in such a short period of time! Especially considering I am still doing this part time.

My dream of making this my career is no longer a dream, it is happening as I right these words. And I have ACE to thank for it!! For that, I am and will be forever greatful!!

Darren Slack

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