My name is Sam E. Cohen, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I now live on the Jersey Shore with my wife and kids after my tremendous business success gave me the chance to live wherever I wanted. My career has a dual focus; sell on Amazon and teach people how to make money selling on Amazon. I’ve been doing this since March 2011. I got into this business by accident. Before Amazon, I was a corporate executive at Haier America, an electronics company. During the recession, they gave me two choices: take a pay cut, or leave.

I ventured out onto my own and struggled to find my way for two years. I found solace in the flea markets of NYC. There, a friend of mine got me into selling public domain DVDs for a dollar a piece. I also started selling bulk DVD lots on eBay to turn a profit. I incorporated DVDs from my personal collection to make the bulk lots more appealing. Titles like “Top Gun” and “Rain Man” helped make the lots more enticing for would-be customers. Over time, my eBay customers asked for individual titles. Often, customers had specific movies in mind they wanted to add to their collection. Throwing these movies into my bulk lots made the  purchase easier to justify for the consumer. At one point, I had a customer interested in about one hundred specific titles in a lot of one thousand. The customer mentioned that the other nine hundred meant little to him. I prodded him for more information. He explained that he worked with Amazon as a third party seller that sold rare and in-demand DVDs on Amazon. His company garnered a huge profit for much less effort than the flea market scene, which peaked my interest in the venture.

I ran to Google to find out more about Amazon. Until I encountered this customer, I didn’t even know you third party sellers existed on Amazon. I researched and found little helpful information. I must have searched “how to sell on Amazon” hundreds of times on Google, hoping to get different results that would expand my knowledge base further. I found Rob Anderson, a seller that posted Amazon-related content on YouTube.  I watched his videos until I could quote them in my sleep.

I partnered with a company that created software for Amazon sellers called Monsoon Commerce. Despite demanding 2.5% of my profit, I didn’t mind.  They helped me get off the ground. Within six months, I went from not knowing the front side of a shipping label to collecting $25,000 in sales a month. The whole time, Monsoon was pushing for me to jump into the Amazon FBA program. He said it’d take out the guesswork involved with shipping my products. Heeding his advice, I moved my business to FBA. After doing so, my sales quadrupled to $100,000 a month.

After that first taste of one hundred grand, I asked my wife to leave her job to help my new company. I was so immersed in buying and selling that I needed someone to run the logistics of the company.  Convincing her to leave that career to help was an up-hill battle, as she had a great job in social work. Once I convinced her, our business erupted through the roof. With her guidance, the company exploded. I focused on buying and selling while she guided the company with military-grade precision. We continued doing this for years.

It’s been a tremendous ride the last seven years. We have doubled in size every year for the last seven years. We now have a full staff of people and a mature business. After hiring buyers and warehouse staff, our Amazon business was on autopilot. While I still take care of the big decisions at my Amazon company, I have focused on my consulting company, ACE.

Author: Sam Cohen

Sam Cohen is the CEO of Amazon Consulting Experts. Through his years of experience, he propels his clients to financial freedom and e-commerce mastery. He is a multi-time best-selling author featured in publications ranging from Forbes to the New York Times and everything in-between.